Construction Milestone!

Today the first concrete was poured for the St. Francis Park Apartments which are being constructed on the block that was formerly St. Francis Park. This is a milestone in the work which is moving along quite quickly.

When I walk by the block and see all the work being done I am always at the same time holding a vision of the past: what the Park was like; and the future: the new apartments and redesigned common space. It is a bit like time traveling back and forth between what was, what is happening now and what will be. Below are some pictures of what was in the past and a some designs for the project to be.

 enjoying the fountain      dipping toes in the pool

These pictures are from the Park in August of 2014.

Below are drawings of the plans for the project in process.

 12th at Stark Street       Oak Street south

A view from Stark Street at !2th….                                  A view looking south across Oak Street…

While it will no longer be a park, it will be a place where people can live affordably and still have gardens and open spaces to enjoy with other residents and with the community at large in the common space.

And I thought I would add one more picture from the time 40 years ago when the Park was being constructed.

Work begins on St. Francis Park

Be sure to walk by and see the progress. You can contrast the construction today with the construction of former years.


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