Job Opening in St. Francis Dining Hall

Isaak Oliansky has given notice. We will be sad to have him go as he has been a wonderful part of the staff. His energy and people skills have had a positive impact on the whole community. Now as he makes plans to move on, working toward his future goals, we must reach out to find someone to take the position of Assistant Director.

The Assistant Director of St. Francis Dining Hall helps in the over all work of providing meals and services to the low-income and homeless population. The qualified candidate will have background education in social services, mental health or a related field and experience working with the populations that are served. The position involves significant lifting, walking and movement up and down stairs. Preference will be given to bi-lingual Spanish speakers and those familiar with Catholic Social Teaching. This position is 28 hours /week; 5 hours on Mon.- Thurs, from 2 PM until 7 PM. and a full 8 hours on Friday, 10 AM to 7 PM. Friday is the Director’s day off and the Assistant is in charge. Flexibility to fill in for the Director in her absence would be optimal. The position pays $15/hou8r to start and includes full benefits. The job is open beginning May 23rd. Applications are being accepted immediately.  If you are interested, please send a resume and letter of interest via email.


St. Francis Dining Hall serves a meal to people in need, in dignity and peace, six days a week, year round.         Thank you for passing this information on to someone you know who might enjoy working with us.


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