St. Francis Parish Joins the 2016 Bread for the World Campaign

With the encouragement of Fr. Bob Krueger the  St. Francis Parish Community is once again invited to write letters to their congress people asking them to support funding for international maternal and child nutrition programs. Each year Bread for the World runs a campaign inviting parishioners across the country to advocate for an end to hunger and malnutrition. This year’s campaign focuses on mother/child nutrition and asks for $230 million dollars in funding.

A sample letter is offered below to help people include the necessary information in their handwritten letter. Of course typed letters are accepted, but Fr. Bob assures us that handwritten letters indicate a strong commitment to the issue.

Parishioners can bring their letters to church on Sunday May 29th and put them in the collection. Letters written by people living in the Portland area do not need an envelope. These letters will be hand delivered to the Portland offices of the congressional members. Parishioners who live outside of the Portland area are asked to bring their letters in a stamped, addressed envelope. These letters will be mailed along with letters that are being written by people in other parishes who are participating in the Bread for the World 2016 Campaign.

It is time to end world hunger!


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